C5 Aircross Pure Tech 1.2 engine issues sorted

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No magic carpet ride but got there in the end!

In January we took delivery of a 2020 Citroen C5 Aircross, Pure Tech 1.2 Flair Plus, mileage 24500 miles. All was working fine until, at the end of April, an Engine Fault warning light came on together with the spanner symbol. We took the car to our local independent garage who did a diagnostic test and identified various fault codes present but they couldn’t progress further with it and advised taking it to a Citroen specialist. We found an independent Citroen specialist who repeated the diagnostics, changing the oil, oil filter and spark plugs and advised a good 40 or 50 mile run. They suspected valve blockage and this might loosen things up. If this didn’t work they advised going to the Citroen dealership for a more comprehensive investigation.

We were aware of the Pure Tech engine issues but felt confident that on such a low mileage car it wouldn’t be a problem. The Citroen dealership repeated the diagnostic tests and confirmed it might be valve blockage but couldn’t be sure unless they stripped the manifold and inspected the valves. They would also have to change the oil, oil filter and spark plugs, regardless of this being done a week or so before! We booked the car in again to have this done by them. They did confirm valve blockage and did the necessary cleaning etc. They also observed the timing belt failing and said they’d replace it under Citroen warranty at no cost to us. This was very welcome but also concerning for a low mileage car!

In the end, due to the acquiring of various parts, it took 3 days. The cost of the work done was £1400 but at least we had a new timing belt fitted, which has saved further expense. The garage was very helpful and we were pleased with the service we were given. We did detect a noticeable difference in the over all drive quality of the car, including breaking, and things have been fine since.

We did think though that the whole problem was in some way connected to the known Pure Tech engine issue and so we decided to contact Citroen Customer Service and ask if they could cover our expenditure for the works done. They replied quickly and asked us to provide service records, which we had. A few days later they confirmed that they would reimburse the full cost. Dealing with Citroen Customer Service was easy, they were quick to reply and sorted things out in a speedy manner. Interesting though that no discussion was entered in to about the repair and why the fault might have happened. The whole process was dealt with as a reimbursement, really for something that was essentially a know design/engineering fault on their part. At the end of the day our bill was paid and hopefully we now have a good car we can take future care of in the correct manner.

However, given the car had such low mileage for its age and full service history, this just shouldn’t have happened in the first place. Although Citroen reimbursed us, it’s a pretty poor state of affairs that this happened at all and that we had to spend time and energy in dealing with it. Hopefully our positive experience in sorting it out will be some small comfort to anyone out there who is having similar problems. We would strongly recommend making contact with Citroen for any anomalies or occurrences that happen with your car, as they should be responsible for any known failings or issues.

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