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Hello. We're looking at getting a C5 aircross. We'd prefer the hybrid but have been advised that due to the location of the battery it can't have a tow bar fitted. Can anyone confirm that this is the case? Thanks

Looking at 70 plate specifically if that makes a difference!

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No that is complete nonsense.

However, it is essential that you use Citroen-specific towbar and electrics kits as these are designed to work with the specific vehicles. Furthermore, there are specific towbars and electrics that are specially made for MHEV and PHEV vehicles, so the correct one must be used for the specific vehicle.

Again the Electrics are another essential component and these are designed for specific vehicles which have different electrical architectures, so the specific trailer fuseboxes and wiring must be compatible or you can damage the electrics if using non-compatible equipment.

Your dealer will be able to determine the correct towbar and electrics for your specific vehicle that also provide sway mitigation features by the ESP system fitted on your vehicle.
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I do own C5 aircross PHEV, man. year 2023. I do have tow bar. It was added to my car by authorized seller
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