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Hello everyone. I would like to share my discovery regarding updating maps and software in Citroen. I had a problem with downloading maps using the application created for this purpose by Citroen, the problem was that when I tried to download it, the following message was displayed:"an error occurred while downloading the update. Please check your connection settings."I tried logging in as an administrator, running the program as an administrator, and nothing changed. I tried downloading it on several computers with the same result.And finally, something dawned on me and I found the same application for downloading maps, but from the DS portal, not Citroen.I installed the application, entered the Citroen VIN number and it downloads maps and it's great.Yesterday I installed downloaded maps and software from 2021 in my C5 Aircross, and today, after checking the availability of the software in the DS maps download application, I already have more new maps and software.To sum up, if you have problems with downloading maps in the Citroen map update application, install DS map update and download the maps. Here is the link to the application: ... a-map.html. Regards and enjoy downloading.

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