58000 miles and disintegrating

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Just a warning to other C3 aircross owners 1.2 110bhp.
Bought the car from a main dealer in 2019, 25000 miles and 2018 reg. All ok till now. Full service history at main dealers. Wilnecote Motors in Tamworth
Last week wouldn't start, AA identified as crankshaft sensor. He took it off put it back on and it started. Followed me to garage. They changed informed me still error coding, must be magnet in gearbox. Investigated lots of swarf/pieces of metal on magnet stopping the reading. Further investigation, flywheel is shedding metal need to change that and the clutch. Got the cambelt done as well as it was in bill for over 2000! At least all the major things are done he joked, should be good for years! Driven on holiday up to the Highlands, smell of fumes in cockpit and blue/black smoke from exhaust at low speeds. Checked in at local garage. Error codes for misfiring, looks like the turbo is now fried as well. Spoke to garage who've said we didn't touch that, so nothing to do with us, but if you want us to check, you can't get any work done anywhere else so now need to recover all the way to the midlands. Seem to be a lot of these engines giving up the ghost at 50000 plus miles. Anyone with more knowledge than me know if anything they've changed could mess up the turbo? Long rant over. Thanks

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