Citroen Unveils New Logo

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Post by Rob »

Citroen revealed its new brand identity and logo which is a reinterpretation of the 1919 original. The oval with the double chevron emblem will debut in a new concept before the end of the month, before finding its way into future production models starting from mid-2023.

Citroen said that the new emblem will “initiate a new direction in product design language in which the visually prominent badge will become an immediately recognisable signature element of all Citroën models” hinting at an upcoming evolution in its design language.



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Post by srperry »

What a waste of money! Sometimes I wonder about the abilty of senior management to run companies. Having just changed their branding to encompass the logo to extend to the full width of the bonnet on all cars, now they want to go back to 1919, spend a shed-load of resources on retooling, create a parts-logistics nightmare, and for what? Some stupid PR 'designer' whim?

It just beggars belief.
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Post by Juan Sheet »

I agree, I like the current logo and long may it remain! That's horribly retro and no doubt they paid a 12 year old spotty graduate from art school to come up with that. Truly awful and NOT COOL.
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Post by eagle1960 »

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Post by Tommo »

What a load of shite, they need to learn how to treat customers by admitting there was always a fault with the c3 shine plus climate control instead of always stating that that was how it was supposed to operate. My replacement has been on order for 6 weeks, lets see how long this takes to replace. once they have replaced all the faulty units then perhaps they can then think about upgrading the branding
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