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Post by saidthemac »

I have a 2020 C5 Aircross and am using a Mac with the Citroen Update app installed. I have a 32GB stick as advised and have managed to update the touchscreen firmware no problem, however the map keeps coming up with the same "map-eur failed". It is version 14.0.0.

I have seen similar issues in other posts but nothing suggested on there has worked for me. I have tried a different stick, and tried reformatting (FAT32 again) and installing just the map to the stick but get the same error. I have seen others suggest selecting just the maps you want but it never gets to that stage on the touchscreen. Just an option to install 'map-eur' then the error message. Unlike other posts I now have no maps on the navigation at all after trying to install.

Any suggestions gratefully received before I fork out to take it in.


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Juan Sheet
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Post by Juan Sheet »

Use a Windows system to format the disk if you can. Macs can cause issues with the file system and prevent the system from reading the files properly.
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Post by Spark »

The Citroen Update app on a Mac formats the usb stick itself before copying begins, so doing a format yourself with a windows laptop makes no sense.
Citroen does recommend using the app CleanMyDrive to remove all kinds of junk on the usb stick before ejecting.
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Post by Juan Sheet »

As does the App on Windows, but I know from countless other telematics systems that MAC users have the biggest issues updating their firmware / mapping systems, so I wanted to mention it from experience.
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Post by the2ems »

I use Mac, and have never had any problems. But I do clean and format the usb stick using the computer rather than letting the updated app do it.
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Post by Stevew »

I can't get Citroen update to work at all on my Windows laptop, it just will not download the updates.....
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Post by norbziam »

Hi all, I'm new here since we have only just got a C5 Aircross.

When we got it the citroen app showed up both the touch screen and maps being outdated and needing an update.

I have prepared the usb using the update app and installed the updates. The touchscreen updated without any issues however, the map update has failed.
Now the app doesn't give me the link anymore for that initial file which has failed and my navigation tab shows me the following screens (hopefully the image uploads). Which shows the message on the screen when opening the navigation tab as well as the steps I can go through before the update fails with the usb. I tried prepared a different usb since the app has recently come up with a new update to `Cartography` but this also fails the same way.

Has anyone managed to reinstall the navigation software after a fail like this or is this something that only a citroen dealer would be able to fix? :shock:

Any help and guidance would be much appreciated since I am running out of options and repeating the prep process has yielded absolutely no results further than the ones pictured above :|

Thank you!


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Post by Juan Sheet »

99.9% of cases it is the media (your USB Stick) that is failing, has insufficient room, or is incorrectly formatted. The other thing is a corrupt download of the update.

Get a new USB stick, and download the firmware / map update directly and try again and you MUST have the engine running. Any switch to economy mode during an update can be critical for the Head Unit.
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Post by BarrowBob »

Just spent 2 hours 'downloading' latest updates to Windows pc folder and inserted new 64gb USB drive. On going to the folder, it shows no files are there? No signs of it in the 'downloads' folder either. Can I download direct to the USB, can't think why it wouldn't work.
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Juan Sheet
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Post by Juan Sheet »

@BarrowBob: was this using the Citroen update App or manually downloading yourself?

I do all my updates manually.

If you require the download link, let me know along with your Vehicle (C5 AC or C3 AC) and the map version you need, better still the last 8 digits of your VIN would be preferable.
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